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How to Take Care Your Ornamental Plants

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Ornamental plants are the plants of choice and also the plants so the choice of women. This is because the plants are able to make eye of the beholder interested in beauty. Ornamental plants can make a home look more beautiful and also make a cooler with shadows of ornamental plants. In addition to making the home more beautiful, ornamental plants useful to its owner. Why? Because plants can generate oxygen needed by humans to breathe. To get a good ornamental plants, of course, need care. As for how to care for houseplants is the following:

Choose plants appropriate media

The first way you have to do is to select the appropriate media plants. You have to adjust the area where you order your ornamental plants can flourish. In addition, consider the media also plants that you will use. For example, you will be planting ornamental plants in pots, then you should look for the appropriate planting medium with the gauge of the plant. Media plants also can use the black soil or by using coconut fiber. Essentially you have to adjust your houseplants will care first.

Note fertilization

Furthermore you have to do to take care of houseplants is to consider fertilization. Fertilizer become one of the ways you can do to care for houseplants that the results are good. By using the fertilizer plant will be visible to make fertile. For more good again use compost for plants is better because it does not contain chemicals. Fertilization is better done on a regular basis at least 1 month 2 times. How to provide fertilizer should be done by surrounding the edge of the plant.

Regularly watering

The next way to care for houseplants is regularly watering. If the place you have hot weather it’s good to do watering twice a day, but if the media you are using can hold water well and easily moist, then the watering can be done once a day or 2 days. Watering the plants should be in accordance with the schedule that you specify so that the plants do not dry or too wet.

Pay attention to lighting

Note houseplants you whether it should be exposed to direct sunlight or not. If you have decorative plants require sunlight, then you must be diligent attention to lighting. If your houseplants are not exposed to sunlight, it can not be fertile. Conversely, if the plants you do not need illumination directly, then you must take care with regard to the lighting by placing it outside to sunlight. For plants that do not require direct lighting can be done once a week in the morning. Although your plants including shade plants, sunlight is necessary for the plant.

In addition to the above ways to care for houseplants, of course you have to take care of the plants in order to avoid the disease, such as pests. To take care to avoid the pest should be diligent spraying with insecticides.