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Important Activities to Grow Plants and Flowers

Works as an ornamental plant growers is a matter likely to be favorable for a successful business interest in the future. However, the main thing is to be prepared is to use a proper growing media and seeds. In addition, no less important is the care taken to realize the crop as expected. Treatment plant itself there are many kinds, among others:Perawatan Penting untuk Tanaman Hias


Ornamental plant watering technique is basically done every morning when plants need plenty of water for growth. However, when high rainfall and ornamental plants can not receive water in large quantities, then watering should be done in 2 days. In addition, ornamental plant watering techniques should also be considered, try not to damage the base of the plant because it could lead to the development of crops damaged.

Replacement pot

In addition to adding neat, turn pot can also give maximum space to the plant. Substitution pot is not always necessary every time, different than other treatments such as watering or treatment. In other words, turn the pot is done when the pot is used has minimal dimensions than the plant.


Mechanical pruning is also important so that the plant could look presentable. For example adenium, if not done trimming is not likely shape will be messy. Pruning techniques must be applied if the branches or stems of plants ranging tend to be high in order to form the plants can be arranged.


Provision of fertilizer is also important in the treatment process plant. Why? With the fertilizer, then the media will be added lush plants, so it helps the process of development and growth of plants. There are generally two types of fertilizer that can be used namely organic and inorganic. Organic fertilizer is a natural fertilizer in the form of manure, compost, guano, and green. While inorganic fertilizers are fertilizers produced by the plant, such as single and compound fertilizer.


No less important than the treatment plant is a treatment technique. Many growers of ornamental plants crop failures due to cultivated plants attacked by pests so the result is a total failure. Well, the function rather than treatment performed in order houseplants always protected from pests and can grow as it should.


Grafting technique is generally done to improve the quality of crops. For example, ornamental plants had had no more than 2 to 3 branches, with the most likely branch grafting technique that is produced can be more than 5. Of course, this will make the plants become more unique and beautiful it may even increase the selling price. However, that should not be ignored in this case is the pruning techniques. As well as the above description, pruning techniques must be done so that the plants can look neat and orderly.

Treatment plants simply can not be ignored because of the success of a cultivated plant is also dependent than treatments that do. So, if you want to be cultivators of ornamental plants, be sure not to neglect the treatment technique.